Oil Angels Mens Relaxation Massage

Oil Angels featuring some of Okinawa's and Mainland Japans most beautiful girls.

Asian Massage
Visit Oil Angels and experience the official Japanese Relaxation massage service. You'll pay one time and never have to deal with any secret or unexpected extra charges in the back room. Our service is designed for American comfort and expectations.

It's an expericnce that you'll enjoy from start to finish.
We have many massage systems and prices to choose from so come on down and experience fun times, sexy smiles and a wonderful massage especially designed to relax a man under stress.

Directions From Kadena Gate 1 Come out Kadena gate 1 turn Right on Hwy 58 going north.Drive straight for about 1 mile, you'll see a Kentucky Fried Chicken and next at the next signal you'll see sunshine Pachinko parlor that looks like a big house with a green roof, just turn left at this signal.
Drive straight until you see us on the left side right after the traffic signal.

Hours of Operation: 11:00 am to 8:00 pm Monday thru Saturday,

...Closed Sundays...

Walk in or call us to schedule an Appointment at 098-921-5059